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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1785316231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH aluminium phosphide powder formulation as per is 15219 tenders
8819916231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / TAMIL NADU visible spectrophotometer tenders
3716052231128 28-Nov-2023 07-Dec-2023 India / KARNATAKA providing interactive panel with installations and training tenders
815716231206 06-Dec-2023 06-Dec-2023 India / WEST BENGAL desktop computers corrigendum
1453416231125 25-Nov-2023 05-Dec-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA refrigerated centrifuge for general and research purpose tenders
1022716231127 27-Nov-2023 05-Dec-2023 India / HIMACHAL PRADESH designing software (v2) tenders
1369616231124 24-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA ph meter tenders
1442716231124 24-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / HARYANA security and software tenders
1351216231124 24-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH power tiller tenders
1494216231124 24-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH solar power packages tenders
3421716231121 21-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / Karnataka empanelment of original manufacturers/manufacturers/ mou holder for supply and laying of high dens tenders
1476416231124 24-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / PONDICHERRY banner or printed banner (v2) tenders
1268016231124 24-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA water baths tenders
1468716231124 24-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA plotter printers (v2) tenders
1409116231124 24-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / BIHAR aio computer,printer,ms office,antivirus,pendrive tenders
2243116231123 23-Nov-2023 02-Dec-2023 India / TAMIL NADU visible spectrophotometer visible spectrophotometer bandwidth 2nm graphic lcd 340-1100nm single be tenders
2080316231123 23-Nov-2023 02-Dec-2023 India / BIHAR metsulfuron methyl 20% wp tenders
2079816231123 23-Nov-2023 02-Dec-2023 India / BIHAR imidacloprid 17.8% sl tenders
2106916231123 23-Nov-2023 02-Dec-2023 India / HARYANA centre table tenders
8829916231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Uttarakhand bentonite sulpher 90% (q3) tenders
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