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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
2356916210408 08-Apr-2021 21-Apr-2021 India / tamil nadu providing services of skipper, cheief engineer gr-ii, bosun, mate, sr.deckhands, engine driver cla tenders
1258017210416 16-Apr-2021 20-Apr-2021 India / TAMIL NADU top overhauling spares for alm 370 tenders
866316210330 30-Mar-2021 19-Apr-2021 India / KARNATAKA supply of dry and green fodder corrigendum
1054516210327 27-Mar-2021 15-Apr-2021 India / KARNATAKA supply of dry and green fodder tenders
138017210405 05-Apr-2021 14-Apr-2021 India / Karnataka supply of soyabean meal tenders
1681316210322 22-Mar-2021 06-Apr-2021 India / KARNATAKA supply of medicine and vaccines tenders
1027716210316 16-Mar-2021 30-Mar-2021 India / KARNATAKA supply of egg trays egg box chick box paddy husk tenders
2392117210319 19-Mar-2021 26-Mar-2021 India / KERALA quotation notice for purchase of 4 nos freezer trolley tenders
1141316210311 11-Mar-2021 23-Mar-2021 India / KARNATAKA supply of feed ingredients tenders
1141116210311 11-Mar-2021 23-Mar-2021 India / KARNATAKA supply of supporting staff service tenders
1253916210303 03-Mar-2021 22-Mar-2021 India / ORISSA supply of feed ingredients , additives / chick and egg boxes, salt, paper egg tray, paddy husk and tenders
1133916210311 11-Mar-2021 22-Mar-2021 India / ANDHRA PRADESH providing civil works at second floor of admin building tenders
1166916210311 11-Mar-2021 22-Mar-2021 India / KERALA quotation notice for undertaking the work for providing street lights at guest house area of nifph tenders
1035516210316 16-Mar-2021 19-Mar-2021 India / TAMIL NADU inspection /repair of mf/hf rt tenders
956316210310 10-Mar-2021 18-Mar-2021 India / KERALA undertaking the work for changing of street lights at nifphatt staff quarters pullepady tenders
931016210310 10-Mar-2021 17-Mar-2021 India / KERALA supply of navtex reciever tenders
931116210310 10-Mar-2021 17-Mar-2021 India / KERALA supply of marine vhf with dsc class a tenders
1465916210301 01-Mar-2021 15-Mar-2021 India / RAJASTHAN sale of surplus tharparkar cow milk produced tenders
2287417210227 27-Feb-2021 11-Mar-2021 India / DELHI supply, installation and maintenance of aquariums in government offices tenders
2356617210227 27-Feb-2021 10-Mar-2021 India / KERALA maintenance to the roofing of pao building tenders
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