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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1781816231127 27-Nov-2023 02-Dec-2023 India / Kerala purchase of rapid laboratory diagnostic kits tenders
938516231121 21-Nov-2023 02-Dec-2023 India / ASSAM supply and installation of 9 (nine) nos. of walk in coolers with generators tenders
2095716231123 23-Nov-2023 02-Dec-2023 India / DELHI hiring of agency for it projects- milestone basis tenders
2722416231102 02-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / Assam establishment of satellite liquid semen processing centre tenders
2721516231102 02-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / Assam construction laboratory building_repairing and renovation and extension of a boar sty and water su tenders
1530316231111 11-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / ASSAM glass beaker,glass beaker,plastic wash bottle,measuring cylinder,measuring cylinder,petri dishes,c tenders
1478516231122 22-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / Uttarakhand portable ultrasound machine tenders
1777716231127 27-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / Punjab purchase of liquid nitrogen gas tenders
2666316231120 20-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / Assam establishment of low cost slaughter house tenders
3699316231018 18-Oct-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / KERALA ear tag applicator (for animal) tenders
2666216231120 20-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / Assam supply and installation of 75 units demo structured meat vending cubicles tenders
1401016231117 17-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / ASSAM azure laid paper,printer copier paper,printer copier paper,envelope,envelope,correcting fluid,tag tenders
1432716231122 22-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / DELHI virtual machine (compute) - government community cloud (gcc); ubuntu operating system; 64; 16; 1:2 tenders
1281916231111 11-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA m126a copy print scan,scanner (v2) tenders
2704052231101 01-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / ANDHRA PRADESH operation and management of integrated coastal aquaculture facilities tenders
930116231121 21-Nov-2023 30-Nov-2023 India / ANDHRA PRADESH tractors (v1) tenders
1123816231121 21-Nov-2023 30-Nov-2023 India / RAJASTHAN critical point dryer,mesh basket,porous spec pots,2.2 ton split air conditioner,fluorescent tenders
1265816231117 17-Nov-2023 30-Nov-2023 India / KARNATAKA desktop computers tenders
5755716231123 23-Nov-2023 30-Nov-2023 India / Punjab purchase of feed ingredients with same specifications, same terms and conditions as mentioned in t tenders
1525316231122 22-Nov-2023 02-Dec-2023 India / Maharashtra steel channels and hot rolled steel section (in metric tonne) as per is 808 tenders
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