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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
582052231120 20-Nov-2023 29-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA engagement of agency for preparation & filing of forest diversion proposals leading to forest clear tenders
3035052231117 17-Nov-2023 28-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA water purifier,,tv with dth,mixture grinder,washing machine tenders
4028416231027 27-Oct-2023 27-Nov-2023 India / Karnataka providing manpower service tenders
914316231116 16-Nov-2023 24-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA study or laptop table tenders
4373116231109 09-Nov-2023 21-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA interactive panels and accessories tenders
4374216231109 09-Nov-2023 20-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA computer cpu,monitor,key board with mouse,ups,antivirus tenders
6840616231109 09-Nov-2023 20-Nov-2023 India / Tamil Nadu supply of play materials tenders
4440516231109 09-Nov-2023 20-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA cpu,monitor,thin client,key board and mouse,ups,networking with installation and delivery tenders
1624916231108 08-Nov-2023 18-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA sheeting, tickings and bedsheets (v2) tenders
1517216231106 06-Nov-2023 18-Nov-2023 India / Karnataka supply of ceiling fans, water heaters & solar water heaters for pre-matric and post-matric student tenders
1517316231106 06-Nov-2023 18-Nov-2023 India / Karnataka supply and installation of computers and ups/batteries to pre-matric and post-matric student hoste tenders
1233116231103 03-Nov-2023 13-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA cafeteria table,chair,tamper proof cafeteria poster,cafeteria graphics on,cafeteria graphics,cafet tenders
4307816231031 31-Oct-2023 13-Nov-2023 India / Tamil Nadu supply of play materials for 368 bc, mbc/dnc and mw school girls tenders
3236052231031 31-Oct-2023 13-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA sweater tenders
988316231030 30-Oct-2023 08-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA washing machine tenders
1285116231030 30-Oct-2023 08-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA dual desk bench tenders
1285216231030 30-Oct-2023 08-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA blanket tenders
1286416231030 30-Oct-2023 08-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA food serving trolly tenders
953016231030 30-Oct-2023 08-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA bed sheet tenders
1286116231030 30-Oct-2023 08-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA grinder tenders
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