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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
670416231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Tamil Nadu portable welding machine tenders
2767416231128 28-Nov-2023 07-Dec-2023 India / West Bengal roller tenders
1040816231121 21-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / KARNATAKA smart card printer tenders
1573916231117 17-Nov-2023 07-Dec-2023 India / KARNATAKA serial to ethernet converter,rs232 db9 serial surge protector,ethernet lan surge protector,serial tenders
1044116231121 21-Nov-2023 07-Dec-2023 India / Karnataka 5kva modular ups,batteries,battery racks,installation and commissioning,training tenders
9119916231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / maharashtra rechargeable smf batteries 6v 225ah rating with lxbxh 264x182x285 mm tolerances+ /-2mm tenders
9104816231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / kerala ier400b2 printer spares tenders
8967316231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / DELHI amc of integrated security and surveillance system - cmc of cctv system; comprehensive; hardware, tenders
4682052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / ANDHRA PRADESH executive table,revolving chair,visitor chair,sofa 1 seater,sofa 3 seater,almirah,table,computer ta tenders
1817616231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Delhi monthly basis cab & taxi hiring services tenders
1822316231130 30-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / BIHAR manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - unskilled; others; office boy tenders
2512052231206 06-Dec-2023 07-Dec-2023 India / DELHI basic cost,transportation and freight charges,insurance charges,operation cost,camc cost,basic cost corrigendum
1919516231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Maharashtra fan clutch wheel,front brake pad,rear brake pad,transmission filter spicer make,engine head gasket tenders
1959116231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Tamil Nadu plastic skid tenders
1785516231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Uttar Pradesh manpower outsourcing services tenders
8895316231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Rajasthan desktop computer set,ups,laptop,b and w laser jet mfp,colour laser jet mfp,wi-fi dongle for intern tenders
1097716231117 17-Nov-2023 07-Dec-2023 India / Tamil Nadu networking core switch,40g sfp fiber transceiver for the switch mentioned in sl no1,wifi access co tenders
674216231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Uttar Pradesh manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - highly-skilled; non-it technical; civil engineer tenders
8967116231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / CHANDIGARH round the clock operation of the stp system,round the clock operation of the wtp system,aicmc of s tenders
2749052231125 25-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / ANDHRA PRADESH manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - unskilled; others; mazdoor/labour,manpower outsourci tenders
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