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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1816616231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Tamil Nadu oem / compatible cartridge tenders
1519016231124 24-Nov-2023 07-Dec-2023 India / Tamil Nadu end point protection software / appliances (v3) tenders
4489216231109 09-Nov-2023 29-Nov-2023 India / Haryana desktops,laptops,headphones,webcams,backpack tenders
583316231110 10-Nov-2023 29-Nov-2023 India / Tamil Nadu mast dismantling service,foundation removal service,foundation materials for lattice mast size tenders
113052231118 18-Nov-2023 28-Nov-2023 India / HARYANA engagement of 3rd party consultancy services for objective assessment of existing domestic and glob tenders
2421516231031 31-Oct-2023 28-Nov-2023 India / Tamil Nadu geophysical mobilization,geophysical bathymetry,geophysical side scan imaging,geophysical sub bott tenders
1514816231117 17-Nov-2023 27-Nov-2023 India / DELHI laptop notebook type 1,office suite software,carrycase type 1,accessories 1 type 1,accessories 2 t tenders
1456716231028 28-Oct-2023 24-Nov-2023 India / DELHI hiring of agency for it projects- milestone basis tenders
1428516231108 08-Nov-2023 23-Nov-2023 India / Haryana 24 core single mode outdoor armoured fibre optic cable,hdpe cable conduit 32 mm with isi mark tenders
1700052231118 18-Nov-2023 20-Nov-2023 India / ANDAMAN & NICOBAR custom bid for services - custom bid for services kar1859,custom bid for services - custom bid for corrigendum
418052231117 17-Nov-2023 18-Nov-2023 India / TAMIL NADU hiring of agency for it projects- milestone basis corrigendum
949516231027 27-Oct-2023 16-Nov-2023 India / Tamil Nadu layer 3 - access switch tenders
950716231027 27-Oct-2023 16-Nov-2023 India / Tamil Nadu laptop - notebook,desktop computers tenders
976716231027 27-Oct-2023 16-Nov-2023 India / Punjab micro gas chromatograph tenders
954117231023 23-Oct-2023 11-Nov-2023 India / DELHI all in one pc tenders
1731216231014 14-Oct-2023 10-Nov-2023 India / DELHI cyber security audit - information system audit tenders
1326516231026 26-Oct-2023 07-Nov-2023 India / Haryana cleaning, sanitation and disinfection service - outcome based - office/commercial/institutions/res tenders
1707816231014 14-Oct-2023 06-Nov-2023 India / Tamil Nadu customized amc/cmc for pre-owned products - smart projector; smarted vojas projector; comprehensiv tenders
2512052231030 30-Oct-2023 06-Nov-2023 India / DELHI contract for house keeping & maintenance services, pest control and sanitization services, parking tenders
1362916231012 12-Oct-2023 01-Nov-2023 India / Delhi selection of agency for engagement of professional support staff tenders
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