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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
583052210413 13-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / WEST BENGAL insecticides for mosquitoes cockroaches and other insects (liquid vaporizer and spray) tenders
939217210413 13-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / haryana manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - skilled; others; mason,manpower outsourcing service tenders
1035517210402 02-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / Himachal Pradesh multifunction machines mfm tenders
668052210413 13-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / MANIPUR custom bid for services - collection carriage and disposal of solid waste from loktak leimatak and tenders
1428717210412 12-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / Madhya Pradesh plain copier paper-is:14490 tenders
1035017210402 02-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / Maharashtra supply of hydrogen gas to solapur tenders
1209517210420 20-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / Bihar rapid antigen test kits for novel corona virus (sars-cov-2/covid-19) tenders
1013017210413 13-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / haryana custom bid for services - powergrid logo on gis hall shutter gate entry in acrylic sheet 3mm thick tenders
1046917210413 13-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / uttar pradesh domestic refrigerators-is 1476 tenders
1012917210413 13-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / DELHI annual maintenance service - photocopier machine - fsma for 2 machines for a4 color copies; konica tenders
1226717210408 08-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / UTTAR PRADESH e-tricycle for specially abled tenders
769416210408 08-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / Gujarat foam mattress tenders
991417210413 13-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / BIHAR ammonia solution 25% tenders
769116210408 08-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / Madhya Pradesh line intractive ups with avr tenders
1329517210408 08-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / madhya pradesh vertical de-watering pumps flow 500-550 m3/hr,vertical de-watering pumps flow 100-110 m3 per hr. tenders
1328517210408 08-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / Bihar desktop computers,computer printers tenders
1057517210413 13-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / haryana desktop computers,multifunction machines mfm,multifunction machines mfm,line intractive ups with a tenders
577817210402 02-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / Assam transformer oil filteration plant of capacity 10, 000 lph tenders
1428317210412 12-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / UTTAR PRADESH radar speed display board tenders
769216210408 08-Apr-2021 22-Apr-2021 India / Madhya Pradesh silica gel as per is:3401 tenders
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