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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
2044052231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / TAMIL NADU ba and fa system spares tenders
2477052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / BIHAR ms safety cage for monkey ladder,ms safety cage for monkey ladder1,ms safety cage for monkey ladder tenders
8837616231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / West Bengal vacuum transmitter,direct type,cal range 760-0 mmhg,item code-761010261001,pressure transmitter tenders
8848416231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / West Bengal 2 x 3 wide clinker grinder - 2 x 3 wide clinker grinder assy. , part no-a-553-l/r tenders
1521316231124 24-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Haryana telescopic pole pruner,carbide chain saw tenders
2155016231123 23-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / karnataka conduct vapt security audit on cpri website httpscpriresin and issue tenders
2351052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / WEST BENGAL c type bearings tenders
923116231120 20-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Nagaland heat shrink termination kit as per is 60840,heat shrink termination kit tenders
4663052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / ORISSA annual rate contract for chp operation tenders
1271216231124 24-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Telangana lead acid starter batteries tenders
1946316231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / PUNJAB air hoses tenders
1236616231125 25-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA monthly basis cab & taxi hiring services - premium suv; 2500 km x 320 hours; local 24*7 tenders
1220216231125 25-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / DELHI enlistment of institutions for financial appraisal of new projects tenders
8924416231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Jammu & kashmir sofas (v2),centre table,restaurant chair tenders
1141616231207 07-Dec-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / JHARKHAND pt100 simplex resistance temperature detector (rtd) for lgb pad and oil temperature monitoring,pt1 corrigendum
1404716231202 02-Dec-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / delhi hiring of consultants - milestone/deliverable based - subject matter experts; pma appointment tenders
1960316231111 11-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Jharkhand rate contract rc for fresh electrical wiring works for complete dilapidat tenders
8823516231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Tamil Nadu hiring of 15 mt new age generation hydra mobile crane tenders
1523216231124 24-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Madhya Pradesh harpic,acid,phenyl,nepthalin balls,ghadipowder,liquidhandwashrifil,lifeboysoap,seenkjhadu,phooljha tenders
1813416231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH topographical survey of khadia ash dyke at singrauli stps tenders
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