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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1966816231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / telangana customized amc/cmc for pre-owned products - instrument; dna sequencer; annual maintenance contract tenders
1966616231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / telangana amc/cmc for pre-owned products - instrument; nano itc low volume; annual maintenance co tenders
1337716231124 24-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH gel documentation system tenders
4321052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / MADHYA PRADESH analytical semi - micro balances tenders
1865216231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Haryana ultra low temperature laboratory deep freezer tenders
1116516231127 27-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / KERALA trinocular inverted microscope with camera tenders
2572052231124 24-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / KARNATAKA analytical hplc tenders
1916316231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA spectrophotometer tenders
9097616231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / karnataka ophir pyroelectric energy sensor tenders
9099316231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / karnataka primary pressure regulator,secondary pressure regulator,ss panel 1,ss panel 2,brass bullnose tenders
9092916231118 18-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / karnataka ophir energy meter tenders
4304052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / CHANDIGARH resistors 100 each,ceramic capacitors,esd mat for workbench 2 layer 30sq meter,jetson nano develope tenders
2389416231110 10-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Punjab monthly basis cab & taxi hiring services - premium sedan; 1200 km x 208 hours; local,monthly basis tenders
4680052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / KERALA surgical trolley covers tenders
2454052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Uttarakhand compatible cartridge (hp laserjet ent m1219nf printer, hp laserjet m1136 multifunction printer, hp tenders
4681052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA fetal bovine serum tenders
1780916231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Uttar Pradesh drain tubing assembly,spray chamber double pass,tubing for spray chamber,carrier make up dilution tenders
4690052231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / DELHI oem / compatible cartridge / consumable,oem / compatible cartridge / consumable,oem / compatible ca tenders
2760816231128 28-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Kerala vertical multistage centrifugal pump tenders
1966316231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / telangana amc/cmc for pre-owned products - instrument; biometric attendance machine and door aces tenders
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