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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1937416231129 29-Nov-2023 08-Dec-2023 India / Orissa job work of welding and dressing of tricycle frame tenders
1174916231117 17-Nov-2023 06-Dec-2023 India / Telangana books tenders
1174116231117 17-Nov-2023 06-Dec-2023 India / Telangana books tenders
1222016231127 27-Nov-2023 05-Dec-2023 India / DELHI aadhaar based biometric attendance machine 1,aadhaar based biometric attendance machine 2,aadhaar tenders
1393216231117 17-Nov-2023 05-Dec-2023 India / Uttar Pradesh sprocket 22 teeth ni. cr. plated service condition no. 3 tenders
1278616231125 25-Nov-2023 05-Dec-2023 India / DELHI electric wheel chair1,electric wheel chair2,electric wheel chair3,electric wheel chair4,electric w tenders
1179016231127 27-Nov-2023 05-Dec-2023 India / DELHI led tv 55 inch,computer monitor 27 inch2,led tv 55 inch3,computer monitor 27 inch4,computer monito tenders
1440416231122 22-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / orissa chair office (v2) tenders
3144052231103 07-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH investment castings tenders
620016231116 16-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / DELHI manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - skilled; admin; data entry operator,manpower outsou tenders
2801052231125 25-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / DELHI training chair tenders
1509616231122 22-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / orissa steel tables as per is 8126 tenders
1643916231122 22-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 India / orissa air conditioner training jig (dvet) tenders
209052231107 07-Nov-2023 02-Dec-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH investment casting tenders
2644052231122 22-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / MADHYA PRADESH stem tenders
755216231121 21-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / orissa multifunction machines mfm tenders
1447716231122 22-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / Delhi paper-based printing services - printing with material; journal; offset tenders
1283316231111 11-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 India / Uttar Pradesh strip folding left front (td2a07e03) as per drg.,strip folding left (td2a07e01) tenders
1933916231129 29-Nov-2023 30-Nov-2023 India / orissa patient bed (fowler and semi fowler) corrigendum
107052231129 29-Nov-2023 30-Nov-2023 India / ORISSA scanner (v2) corrigendum
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