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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
493117230317 17-Mar-2023 18-Mar-2023 India / Telangana construction of agricultural godown ( 3000 mt ) at konkapaka village tenders
707216230216 16-Feb-2023 03-Mar-2023 India / Andhra Pradesh providing central lighting system tenders
1301517230215 15-Feb-2023 28-Feb-2023 India / Telangana construction of assaying and grading room tenders
993016230215 15-Feb-2023 28-Feb-2023 India / Telangana repairs of rythu rest house at market yard wanaparthy road tenders
141217230215 15-Feb-2023 28-Feb-2023 India / Telangana providing shed at back side of office at market yard tenders
141317230215 15-Feb-2023 28-Feb-2023 India / Telangana replacement of damaged galvalume sheets of cover shed at amc tenders
1301117230215 15-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana installation of submersible pump set to lift the water from sump to ohsr water tank at market yard tenders
141117230215 15-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana special repairs and renovation of office building, replacing of damaged gi sheet roofing to existi tenders
36317230221 21-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana maintenance of rythu rest house, office building, compound wall, shops tenders
1299517230215 15-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana construction of drain behind the shopping complex at market yard tenders
1299717230215 15-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana providing repairs to the godown & office building at market yard tenders
140917230215 15-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana repairs at rythu bazar mahabubnagar (near railway gate) under market yard tenders
141017230215 15-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana construction of 1 no. commercial shops in market yard tenders
140717230215 15-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana providing wash room facilities in office of the amc tenders
140817230215 15-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana re-construction of compound wall in place of damaged wall at cattle market yard tenders
36417230221 21-Feb-2023 27-Feb-2023 India / Telangana construction of rcement concrete roofed gate entry, anti room and toilet tenders
704116230216 16-Feb-2023 24-Feb-2023 India / Andhra Pradesh construction of new rythu bazar tenders
568716230208 08-Feb-2023 23-Feb-2023 India / Telangana supply and fixing of ro plant tenders
32117230221 21-Feb-2023 23-Feb-2023 India / Telangana repairs and maintenance of godown flooring on existing damaged flooring at market yard, saranagp tenders
1885916230209 09-Feb-2023 23-Feb-2023 India / Telangana maintenance and repairs to office building and compound wall and providing gates tenders
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