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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
2941816230918 18-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH bolero ac with driver,bolero nonac with driver,mini bus 30 seater with driver,bus 60 seater tenders
807417230910 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA steel office table,computer table,office chair (q3),executive office chair (q3) tenders
1377416230904 04-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH goods transport service per km based service-agricultural, household/office, food grains; pic tenders
940517230909 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / KARNATAKA laptop - notebook tenders
2580052230907 07-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH transporation tenders
2347316230918 18-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH led light 56 inch fitting with operator,live prasaran,video wall screen,videography,photography,fl tenders
2540216230918 18-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / HARYANA line interactive ups with avr (v2) tenders
968717230909 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / KARNATAKA electronic digital postal franking machine tenders
987917230909 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / PONDICHERRY manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - semi-skilled; admin; data entry operator tenders
1013217230909 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH hiring of agriculture labor agency tenders
1224316230911 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / RAJASTHAN multi crop thresher auto feeder tenders
1056517230909 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / KARNATAKA multifunction machines mfm tenders
1013317230909 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH pusa bio decomposer tenders
4153616230912 12-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / RAJASTHAN soil health card data upload and printing work tenders
1056617230909 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / KARNATAKA multifunction machines mfm tenders
1224216230911 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / RAJASTHAN training hall furniture fixture tenders
2011052230906 06-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH for the year 2023-24 in kannauj district for transportation and handling of agricultural inputs in tenders
1020117230909 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA laptop ( qty-2) desktop (qty-3) tenders
1224016230911 11-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / RAJASTHAN computer desktop and laptop items tenders
2258716230918 18-Sep-2023 18-Sep-2023 India / HARYANA desktop computers tenders
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