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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1445917230311 11-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / Tripura procurement of 24 (twenty four) metric ton food grade polyfilm (co-extruded multilayer lldpe (octa tenders
154517230322 22-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / RAJASTHAN mobile veterinary unit vehicle four wheeler with hydraulicfacility tenders
1282052230322 22-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / BIHAR purchase of material 1 miscroscope 2 cryo can 3 cryo can 4 cryo can 5 aigun 6 kidney tray 7 artery tenders
504017230318 18-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / Tamil Nadu yellow maize sunflower deoiled cake de oiled rice bran wheat bran dry fish oats crystal salt tenders
1069052230309 09-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / TRIPURA arrangement of 10 nos. of security guard tenders
1425616230321 21-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / HARYANA utility vehicles (version 2) tenders
1407916230321 21-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / karnataka feed ingredients,feed ingredients,feed ingredients,feed ingredients,feed ingredients,mineral mixtu tenders
1418916230321 21-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / RAJASTHAN split air conditioner including green ac (version 3) tenders
1462616230327 27-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / RAJASTHAN air conditioner tenders
1545517230310 10-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / TRIPURA arrangement of 10 nos of security guard for c v sc tenders
345417230324 24-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / karnataka manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - skilled; admin; clerk,manpower outsourcing services tenders
1082717230325 25-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / Tamil Nadu animal feed ingredients tenders
1556816230321 21-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / TAMIL NADU sanitary napkins incinetator machine with smoke control unit tenders
1418416230224 24-Feb-2023 29-Mar-2023 India / Maharashtra construction of veterinary college building tenders
1891717230317 17-Mar-2023 29-Mar-2023 India / Punjab electrical work for construction of shed for the gymnasium in residential complex corrigendum
1891817230317 17-Mar-2023 29-Mar-2023 India / Punjab construction of dispensary, heifer shed, maternity pens, calf shed and milking shed corrigendum
1875416230327 27-Mar-2023 29-Mar-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA di-calcium phosphate (poultry feed ingredient dicalcium phosphate) tenders
1875616230327 27-Mar-2023 29-Mar-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA yellow maize (poultry feed ingredient yellow maize) tenders
976016230312 15-Mar-2023 29-Mar-2023 India / WEST BENGAL installation of false ceiling at brooder cum grower shed at 2nd unit of broiler breeding farm tenders
1567716230321 21-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 India / RAJASTHAN mobile veterinary unit vehicle four wheeler with hydraulic facility tenders
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