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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1563916220927 27-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA laboratory refrigerator,deep freezer tenders
3421017220915 15-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Uttarakhand poultry feed supply tenders
366052220921 21-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / RAJASTHAN supply of hp laser jet pro m202dw, hp laser jet m1005 mfp, hp laser jet mfp m-476dw, hp laser jet m tenders
1919817220922 22-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / RAJASTHAN cartridge tenders
2048216220923 23-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / UTTAR PRADESH veterinary artificial insemination straws (veterinary artificial straws) tenders
1041117220924 24-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / kerala muffle furnace tenders
1566016220927 27-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA laminar air flow cabinets or stations tenders
1485816220915 15-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / maharashtra refrigerator (refrigerator boq) tenders
1552116220927 27-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA ultra low temperature laboratory deep freezer tenders
4263116220917 17-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Orissa phenol crystal tenders
401052220922 22-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / RAJASTHAN for feed ingredient, tenders
1449916220919 19-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Punjab purchase of feed ingredients and supplements with same specifications, same terms, conditions and tenders
911616220830 30-Aug-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Kerala supply and installation of ultra-low temperature chest freezer (minus 85oc) tenders
1297816220920 20-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Jammu & kashmir horizontal high pressure rectangular steam sterilizer autoclave tenders
155052220919 19-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / RAJASTHAN murrah buffalo auction for office corrigendum
357417220909 09-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Himachal Pradesh contract services of various unskilled works tenders
2039716220920 20-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / kerala water activity meter tenders
2857316220830 30-Aug-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Kerala supply and installation of fully automatic vertical laboratory autoclave tenders
1418117220912 12-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / WEST BENGAL supply of milk pouch crate tenders
1036017220924 24-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Rajasthan diammonium phosphate tenders
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