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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
610116221126 26-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / RAJASTHAN open competitive bidding for purchase of 60 tenders
1445516221121 21-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / KARNATAKA bulk milk cooler unit tenders
309052221130 30-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / RAJASTHAN comparative statement of technicak bid for raw material for cattle feed report corrigendum
151617221126 26-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / RAJASTHAN strawberry plant tenders
522316221123 23-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / Tripura procurement of 300 (three hundred) mt steam coal (grade-b) having calorific value 5500 kcal/kg and corrigendum
555116221122 22-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / RAJASTHAN procurement through gem for mobile veterinary unit vehicle four wheeler with hydraulic facility tenders
555216221122 22-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / RAJASTHAN procurement through gem for two wheeler mobile veterinary unit vehicle with fabrication tenders
1444416221126 26-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / Maharashtra supply of mini truck on km basis(one rent) for transportation of ln2 and frozen semen doses corrigendum
521052221125 25-Nov-2022 30-Nov-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA maintenance of inverter / ups with replacing battery and othe miscellaneous work tenders
801517221117 17-Nov-2022 30-Nov-2022 India / WEST BENGAL printing and supply of single page coloured wall calendar, coloured desk calendar and different ty tenders
1478717221117 17-Nov-2022 30-Nov-2022 India / kerala disposal of unserviceable articles kept in the premises tenders
1658316221116 16-Nov-2022 30-Nov-2022 India / Assam operationalization of 181 mvu vehicles and establishment of mvu- call centre tenders
1623616221119 19-Nov-2022 30-Nov-2022 India / KARNATAKA automatic milk collection unit with electronic milk tester (q3) tenders
2217816221112 12-Nov-2022 29-Nov-2022 India / Uttarakhand chip reading gun tenders
2218116221112 12-Nov-2022 29-Nov-2022 India / Uttarakhand supply,installation and commissioning of 1000 litre capacity vertical storage type liquid nitrogen tenders
1328316221121 21-Nov-2022 29-Nov-2022 India / Jammu & kashmir artificial insemination-kit for sheep tenders
2218416221112 12-Nov-2022 29-Nov-2022 India / Uttarakhand bull work management of deep frozen semen production centre rishikesh tenders
111317221114 14-Nov-2022 29-Nov-2022 India / TAMIL NADU quotations for supply of face mask tenders
961917221115 15-Nov-2022 29-Nov-2022 India / Punjab renovation of open area and platform for tmr mixing in the department of dlf corrigendum
487052221107 07-Nov-2022 29-Nov-2022 India / RAJASTHAN purchase of wheat straw at chandan, jaisalmer tenders
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