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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1674016221117 17-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / kerala lead acid starter batteries tenders
789052221112 12-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / RAJASTHAN auction of sahiwal and kankrej breed animals (cow calves and calves) tenders
1240116221121 21-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / delhi monthly basis cab & taxi hiring services - premium sedan; 3000 km x 364 hours; local contract peri tenders
733052221117 17-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / RAJASTHAN tender for stationery tenders
731317221109 09-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / Bihar balance work of lecture theatre civil work, septic tank and electrical work tenders
731417221109 09-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / Bihar construction of 8 unit polyline ponds at college of fisheries, tenders
1574416221118 18-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / KERALA chair office (version 2) tenders
645116221118 18-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / WEST BENGAL operation and maintenance job of etp chemical based for one year at central dairy tenders
537116221115 15-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / WEST BENGAL civil work for ghee making shed tenders
1386516221121 21-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / kerala hot or cold water dispenser tenders
1614716221118 18-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / orissa veterinary artificial insemination straws (low absorption type) (q3) ( pac only ) tenders
1731116221117 17-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / jammu & kashmir ultrasound machine tenders
1514116221119 19-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / KERALA manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - unskilled; others; washer contract period 1 year(s) tenders
1363016221121 21-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / ANDHRA PRADESH general purpose grease tenders
1669517221031 31-Oct-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / KARNATAKA supply of chaff cutter tenders
540016221110 10-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / KARNATAKA supply and installation of equipments for goat milk processing plant and microbiology lab tenders
1272217221108 08-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / WEST BENGAL supply of sinking fish feed (finished goods) tenders
1545616221118 18-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / jammu & kashmir digital radiography machine tenders
1785416221118 18-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA inj enrofloxacin la tenders
192052221114 14-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 India / RAJASTHAN auction of kankrej and sahiwal animal tenders
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