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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1734016221124 24-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / jammu & kashmir portable veterinary usg machine tenders
1734116221124 24-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / jammu & kashmir portable veterinary usg machine tenders
1734216221124 24-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / jammu & kashmir 100ma high frequency mobile x ray machine with veterinary horizontal table corrigendum
535816221122 22-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / RAJASTHAN supply installation and commencing of 125 kva diesel generator set tenders
1801316221122 22-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / karnataka viscometer corrigendum
869417221107 07-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / karnataka portable colour veterinary ultra sound machine for small and large animals tenders
1451416221121 21-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / karnataka digital butyro refractometer for dairy products tenders
1928217221125 25-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / West Bengal revolving chair (version 2) tenders
1969217221125 25-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / jammu & kashmir veterinary ot table for small animals tenders
2027216221128 28-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / Jammu & kashmir manpower outsourcing services - fixed remuneration - others; driver - hmv; high school contract pe tenders
1453916221121 21-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / karnataka real time pcr system tenders
1454216221121 21-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / KARNATAKA automatic milk collection unit with electronic milk analyzer and adulteration testing (q3) tenders
552816221115 15-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / WEST BENGAL supply of goods vehicle for transportation of poultry/cattle feed (raw materials/finished goods) o tenders
1747716221126 26-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / West Bengal desktop computers tenders
469717221108 08-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 India / KARNATAKA o & m of emergency veterinary services tenders
1199517221129 29-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / TELANGANA scanner (version 2) tenders
1583816221124 24-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / TELANGANA desktop computers tenders
279017221130 30-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / WEST BENGAL dismantle competent machineries and m.s. support structures of the old feed mill (mash) of feed pl corrigendum
871116221121 21-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / WEST BENGAL supply of 20 ltrs poly crate tenders
871216221121 21-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / WEST BENGAL supply of vitamin a and d tenders
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