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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
279017221130 30-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / WEST BENGAL dismantle competent machineries and m.s. support structures of the old feed mill (mash) of feed pl corrigendum
1583816221124 24-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / TELANGANA desktop computers tenders
1370817221123 23-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / karnataka jenoptik gryphax prokyon microscope camera tenders
556816221122 22-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / RAJASTHAN procurement through gem for mobile veterinary unit vehicle four wheeler tenders
1636416221119 19-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / Rajasthan mobile veterinary unit vehicle four wheeler (mobile veterinary unit vehicle four wheeler) tenders
2023416221128 28-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / Tamil Nadu security manpower service (version 2.0) - office/commercial/institutions/ residential; unarmed sec tenders
1736516221124 24-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / Jammu & kashmir straw/bhusa tenders
2058416221128 28-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022 India / Tamil Nadu spare parts of canon ir2202n image runner corrigendum
268917221126 26-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022 India / WEST BENGAL supply open body van(s) (model tata ace or similar other models) of laden weight more than 1500kg tenders
1444616221122 22-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022 India / Punjab purchase of bsl biosafety iii with same specifications, same terms, conditions and all accessories corrigendum
1035117221118 18-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022 India / KARNATAKA supply and installation of machineries for sheep wool processing unit tenders
1710116221124 24-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022 India / KARNATAKA automatic milk collection unit with electronic milk analyzer and adulteration testing (q3) tenders
1280017221123 23-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022 India / DELHI language service tenders
30817221126 26-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022 India / WEST BENGAL repair and renovation of existing damaged doors along with allied works tenders
30917221126 26-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022 India / WEST BENGAL repair and renovation of 30 kw grid connected roof top solar plant including replacement of damage tenders
1635816221119 19-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / Rajasthan two wheeler mobile veterinary unit vehicle (two wheeler mobile veterinary unit vehicle with fabric tenders
1635916221119 19-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / Rajasthan mobile veterinary unit vehicle four wheeler with hydraulic facility mobile veterinary unit vehicle tenders
1445516221121 21-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / KARNATAKA bulk milk cooler unit tenders
151617221126 26-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 India / RAJASTHAN strawberry plant tenders
1337217221123 23-Nov-2022 03-Dec-2022 India / UTTAR PRADESH river bed sand tenders
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