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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
2085916220428 28-Apr-2022 25-May-2022 India / Madhya Pradesh cement baalu gitti sariya all size eent corrigendum
1495817220427 27-Apr-2022 25-May-2022 India / Madhya Pradesh medicine supply corrigendum
780216220520 20-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / Maharashtra supply of cctv cameras on a rental basis tenders
760416220519 19-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / Maharashtra disaster relief material purchase(inflated foldable rubber craft (10 man capacity) irs approved le tenders
748716220519 19-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / Maharashtra badminton hall on rental basis tenders
156617220509 09-May-2022 23-May-2022 India / Maharashtra digital network for mira bhayandar vasai virar uhf 400 mhz dmr tier-ii system. tenders
294517220510 10-May-2022 23-May-2022 India / Maharashtra supply of manpower at police welfare petrol pump tv centre cidco tenders
818316220516 16-May-2022 23-May-2022 India / Maharashtra amc for desktop, laptop, printer tenders
3155316220512 12-May-2022 21-May-2022 India / Uttar Pradesh printing of new records tenders
817516220516 16-May-2022 23-May-2022 India / Maharashtra to provide two meals tenders
1059116220513 13-May-2022 21-May-2022 India / Uttar Pradesh purchase and supply of stationery (computer paper rim, diary, pen, register, envelope and paper et tenders
1059216220513 13-May-2022 21-May-2022 India / Uttar Pradesh supply and repairing of computer/printer material (different types of new printers, drum / cartrid tenders
861516220516 16-May-2022 20-May-2022 India / Maharashtra construction of small shopping mall corrigendum
2319116220421 21-Apr-2022 18-May-2022 India / Madhya Pradesh supply of medicine sub jail sihora, corrigendum
2319216220421 21-Apr-2022 18-May-2022 India / Madhya Pradesh supply of cleaning product corrigendum
2319316220421 21-Apr-2022 18-May-2022 India / Madhya Pradesh supply of vegetable sub corrigendum
2319416220421 21-Apr-2022 18-May-2022 India / Madhya Pradesh supply of food product corrigendum
2212516220504 04-May-2022 18-May-2022 India / Maharashtra cctv based safe city surveillance project tenders
455217220429 29-Apr-2022 18-May-2022 India / Madhya Pradesh purchase of vegetables tenders
793316220510 10-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / Maharashtra self supported masts for mira bhayandar vasai virar tenders
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