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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
3423416220908 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Madhya Pradesh field farm operation tenders
1215316220920 20-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / UTTAR PRADESH manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - skilled; others; skilled worker , manpower outsourc tenders
1519517220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / DELHI polyhouse with misting and cooling facility (polyhouse with misting and cooling facility) tenders
2053816220923 23-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Kerala plant genomic dna kit (origin) tenders
1478317220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / DELHI zaccaria testing rice mill tenders
1305816220920 20-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Uttar pradesh jeggary unit (jeggary unit) tenders
1308116220920 20-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Kerala acetone tenders
1312916220920 20-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Maharashtra refrigerated micro-centrifuge tenders
3381816220908 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Uttar pradesh compound microsope (compound microscope with photographic attachment) tenders
1305216220920 20-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA cattle feed (procurement of cattle feed) tenders
926117220913 13-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / karnataka split air conditioner including green ac - (version 2.0) (q2) tenders
1473216220903 03-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Madhya Pradesh icp-oes spectrometer with hydride generator (icp oes spectrometer with hydride generator) tenders
2227616220924 24-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / West bengal nursery operations,nursery operations,field,pot, tray preparation,field,pot, tray preparation,fiel tenders
1299816220920 20-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA pcr workstation (procurement of pcr workstation) tenders
1519917220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / DELHI laptop (laptop) tenders
1501817220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / DELHI security arrangement on job contract basis (security arrangement on job contract basis) tenders
2908616220917 17-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Uttar pradesh drinker (1 61 drinker) tenders
3371416220908 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Uttar Pradesh laptop-notebook tenders
1446817220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / BIHAR rainout shelter tenders
1747217220919 19-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Haryana manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - highly- skilled; non-it technical; tenders
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