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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1464216230914 14-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Himachal Pradesh manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - skilled; admin; multi-tasking staff tenders
2226052230922 22-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH unmanned aerial vehicle & payload systems for surveillance corrigendum
1518616230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / CHANDIGARH manpower outsourcing services - fixed remuneration - others; mason; not required,manpower tenders
4758516230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / MEGHALAYA motor insurance service - tractor; 35hp tenders
4760916230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / TAMIL NADU repair and overhauling service - 3phase 440 kva alternator removing rewinding servicing; mv skippe tenders
1347716230904 04-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Uttar pradesh ultra deep freezer tenders
1515016230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / ANDHRA PRADESH security manpower service (version 2.0) - office/commercial/institutions/ residential; unarmed tenders
3123052230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / MADHYA PRADESH pcr plate sealer tenders
4661316230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / west bengal manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - unskilled; others; mazdoor/labour tenders
4805316230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / ASSAM mulcher tenders
1422716230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / West bengal cifri cagegrow feed tenders
4548516230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / WEST BENGAL watch and ward tenders
1258016230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Rajasthan manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - skilled; admin; multi-tasking staff,manpower outsou tenders
1407916230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Madhya Pradesh grease,paint ltr,weed mat in square meter,sheet cover,tractor sheet,tractors roof canopy,irrigatio tenders
1615516230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / ASSAM power tiller tenders
4451516230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Telangana laminated poly pouches tenders
1523016230906 06-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Madhya Pradesh cable frls pvc,cable frls pvc,cable starter to motor frls pvc,cable tie,gi wire,cable hook clamp w tenders
1176016230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / West bengal lan connection tenders
4803416230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / ASSAM air freshner,cotton tag,aaa battery,sticky note,odonil,note pad,conference pads,file cover,cello tenders
568816230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / HARYANA potassium phosphate monobasic five hundred gm,potassium phosphate monodibasic five hundred gm,l me tenders
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