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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1508717220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Maharashtra master cam tenders
1549316220927 27-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / maharashtra 300000296 - return roller 650mm - rcfl mumbai,300024969 - carrying roller 650mm - rcfl mumbai,3000 tenders
1515917220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Maharashtra solidworks software tenders
1485516220912 12-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Uttar Pradesh operational spares for diverter damper for gtg (nfl itemcode 2437029) corrigendum
1508117220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Maharashtra unigraphics software tenders
2214716220921 21-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / KERALA annual maintenance contract of computers and printers of hil (india) limited., udyogamandal, keral corrigendum
1306216220920 20-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / HARYANA check valve wafer type (check valve wafer type) tenders
1505617220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Maharashtra catia software tenders
1035617220924 24-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / HARYANA intercooler tube bundle hp for elliot air compressor k 2501 c tenders
2023817220914 14-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA non comprehensive biennial maintenance of contract for abb and lt make vcbs installed in urea plan tenders
1508617220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Maharashtra creo software tenders
1940716220914 14-Sep-2022 26-Sep-2022 India / Punjab neoprene rubber sheet tenders
1544417220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / HARYANA instantaneous female coupling tenders
1508917220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Maharashtra ansys software tenders
2165216220922 22-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / ASSAM anaesthesia system corrigendum
1691417220905 05-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / HARYANA spa catalyst (solid phosphoric acid catalyst) tenders
1874916220913 13-Sep-2022 26-Sep-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA erection hook up of 6 cpvc line along with the erection of scaffolding qty 300 mtrs , removal of o tenders
1513617220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / ASSAM laboratory refrigerator tenders
1400216220906 06-Sep-2022 26-Sep-2022 India / PUNJAB siemens make electro pnuematic valve positioner tenders
1489617220907 08-Sep-2022 27-Sep-2022 India / Punjab fixed contact assembly tenders
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