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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
4673016230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / HARYANA oem / compatible cartridge / consumable tenders
336052230913 13-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA for- biennial rate contract for mechanical maintenance jobs in sewage treatment plant - 2 at rcf, t tenders
1179216230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / WEST BENGAL raymond men s poly cotton mix blend unstitched shirt piece code: shade tenders
4719916230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / PUNJAB torque switch,geared limit,terminal card,push button,uec black,harness,ept,pin connector,overload tenders
4862416230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / HARYANA mcb - miniature circuit - breakers for a.c. operation as per is / iec 60898 (part 1),mcb - miniatu tenders
1357616230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / HARYANA spacer type flexible geared coupling tenders
2367052230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA abb analyzer spares tenders
4420716230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / west bengal 86 inch interactive display,ops,floor mounting trolley,keyboard,mouse tenders
2691052230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / PUNJAB stud wit nut tenders
2830316230918 18-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / PUNJAB auto spares,auto spares,auto spares,auto spares,auto spares,auto spares,auto spares,auto spares tenders
718052230919 19-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / RAJASTHAN supply of oil seals tenders
4454816230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Punjab amino acid f reagent,molybdate 3 reagent,a citric acid,silica standard solution tenders
1450916230826 26-Aug-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / ASSAM one to one replacement of existing flange mounted 600 kw, 3.3 kv, 989 rpm motor for cooling tower tenders
1235816230912 12-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA facility management services - lump sum based - industrial; contract for opening box up of end cov tenders
4469716230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Punjab neoprene rubber sheet tenders
545817230913 13-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / ASSAM sanitizer 5 ltr bottle,bleaching powder 500 gm packets,hydrochloric acid 500 ml bottle,garbage bag tenders
2626016230918 18-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / MAHARASHTRA cable, 3.3 kv, 3cx240 sqmm, al. , xlpe insu,cable 1.1kv 4c 400 sqmm al xlpe insul,cable 3.5cx120sq tenders
1159616230912 12-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Uttar Pradesh wsi- remote station radio modem,wsi-modem-patch chord,wsi-omni directional antenna-radio modem tenders
3043052230923 23-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / PUNJAB rat ins (insulin) elisa kit (96t) qty.01 , mouse il-22 (interleukin 22) elisa kit (96t) qty.01 , (t corrigendum
2419916230918 18-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / PUNJAB wireless radio link with 25dbi antenna including poe adapter,24 port gigabit layer 2 managed switc tenders
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