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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
2156217220519 19-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / Uttar Pradesh thrust bearing and top pin du bush corrigendum
1414016220505 05-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / Orissa supply installation commissioning of lab (supply installation commissioning of biological experime tenders
1617417220524 24-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / Maharashtra 007 arc for instrument erection jobs for dcs up gradation cable laying removal ccc speed controlle corrigendum
3942216220514 14-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / ASSAM mono potassium phosphate/ di hydrogen phosphate for npk plant as per fco corrigendum
1797416220524 24-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / maharashtra neem oil storage tank 60mt tenders
4280416220521 21-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA charges for service engineer for normal working of 8 hrsday including sundays and holidays as per corrigendum
4272516220521 21-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / Maharashtra structure steel pr no. 10073436 g221220506 corrigendum
788616220523 23-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / TRIPURA security manpower service (version 2.0) - office/commercial/institutions/ residential; security su tenders
1275417220505 05-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / Maharashtra fire extinguisher box tenders
3940016220514 14-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / ASSAM mono ammonium phosphate for npk plant as per fco corrigendum
4296216220521 21-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA hydrotesting of n2 heater e212 as per scope of work , total lumpsum amount for total estimated qty tenders
1658217220524 24-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / PUNJAB table fan / wall mount fan / ceiling mount fan - as per is 555 (q3) , ceiling fan - bldc (q3) tenders
4295316220521 21-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA mp absorber c601 as per sow , distillation column c602 as per sow , lumpsum amount for total estim corrigendum
4215416220521 21-May-2022 23-May-2022 India / Assam internet bandwidth and replication service - leased line( point to point); goverment service provi tenders
1605316220504 04-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / Maharashtra 10073121-distribution board for training center,10072451 methanol dcdb tenders
3754016220512 12-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA chlorine leak detection, absorption & neutralization system,installation & commissioning of chlori tenders
3943916220514 14-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / ASSAM di ethanol amine with purity 98% (min) corrigendum
6681816220525 25-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / Maharashtra rcf ces 2021 22 ts 25 081 misc storm water drainage works in township pri tenders
787816220523 23-May-2022 25-May-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA for installation and hook up of cyclone separator including transportation as per sow , total lump corrigendum
1136316220511 11-May-2022 24-May-2022 India / MAHARASHTRA hiring of sanitation service tenders
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