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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
1309016230914 14-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / kerala oil filter tata 407,oil filter tata 410 207,oil filter tata 709,oil filter tata 712 1613 cummins tenders
1176716230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Tamil Nadu supply of carbon roller,supply of tag and tail assy with sleeves,supply of limit switch tenders
4763516230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / TRIPURA pest and animal control service - maintenance contract; 1 month; general pests/insects control,pes tenders
480017230913 13-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Uttarakhand oem / compatible cartridge / consumable tenders
573817230913 13-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Andhra Pradesh non metallic baskets - cane basket tenders
2472716230918 18-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Delhi basic cost,transportation and freight charges,insurance charges,operation cost,camc cost,basic cos tenders
4556216230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / west bengal solenoid valve coil 24v dc tenders
4558716230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Tamil Nadu ms angle,ms angle,ms angle,ms angle,ms square tube,ms square tube,ms flat,ms flat,ms flat,ms flat tenders
750817230910 11-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / ANDHRA PRADESH epson wf-m5799,epson wf-m5799,epson m2170,epson m2170,hp 436 dn tenders
637816230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / TAMIL NADU modular cabin table,modular table type-1,modular table type-2,executive chair- type-1,executive tenders
4456116230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Tamil Nadu led tube light (retrofit type) tenders
1151116230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Tamil Nadu all in one pc tenders
1344716230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Gujarat supply of w . amp bi pin halogen lamp,supply of w . amp lamp tenders
4746316230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / GOA goods and transport service for over dimensional cargo (odc) - diesel forklift qty 01 no from chen tenders
110052230923 23-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / DELHI skyhigh web gateway appliance wbg 5000 e2 compatible with model mcafee web gateway wbg 5000 e with corrigendum
1467516230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Punjab automotive vehicles pneumatic tyres tenders
1185916230912 12-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Andhra Pradesh workstation,led displays,ups,lan cable,computer table,sitc,conduit tenders
1348416230904 04-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Uttar Pradesh construction of new terminal building second link taxi track apron expans tenders
1293316230914 14-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Tamil Nadu ms angle,ms rod,ss rod,toflon rod,ms flat,ms flat tenders
1284716230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / MADHYA PRADESH monthly basis cab & taxi hiring services - sedan; km x hours; local,monthly basis cab tenders
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