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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
2178316220726 26-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / HARYANA windows air conditioner tenders
3126016220729 29-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / KARNATAKA workstations (workstations) tenders
2962916220804 04-Aug-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / Tamil Nadu revolving chair tenders
1418217220730 30-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / delhi hiring of four wheeler commercial vehicle with capacity of 3 ton tenders
1167117220725 25-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / Maharashtra multipurpose counter machine stickers for post office (q3) tenders
3070516220707 07-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / KERALA mail conveyance kattappana udumbanchola contract period 2 year(s) tenders
3746616220716 16-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / MADHYA PRADESH postal bags mail conveyance indore to shajapur vice versa through mmc tenders
1489916220726 26-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / Delhi restaurant chair tenders
850416220804 04-Aug-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / KARNATAKA workstations tenders
1603317220725 25-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / GUJARAT goods transport service per km based service - post office bags; pickup truck; medium duty contrac tenders
2522317220808 08-Aug-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / Gujarat authorised agents receipt books- cash , authorised agents receipt books- cheque printing of aar bo tenders
1713116220806 06-Aug-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / MADHYA PRADESH transportation service corrigendum
3141616220803 03-Aug-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / KERALA monthly basis cab & taxi hiring services - premium sedan; 1200 km x 208 hours; local , monthly bas corrigendum
3102616220729 29-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / Tamil nadu surveillance hard disk tenders
3104816220729 29-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / Kerala kvm switch tenders
390317220801 01-Aug-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / Orissa envelopes tenders
390417220801 01-Aug-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / Andhra Pradesh rounded letter box tenders
407217220801 01-Aug-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / Tamil nadu buy back - stationary value regulated lead acid batteries (q3) tenders
2976416220729 29-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / delhi hiring of four wheeler commercial vehicle with capacity of 3 ton for conveyance of postal mail for tenders
1946016220730 30-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022 India / BIHAR facility management service - outcome based tenders
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