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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
229517230519 19-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Andhra Pradesh parcel bag labels of`cbd/ced` series tenders
460317230520 20-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / delhi stamp albums (deluxe with envelope-colour red) tenders
1176816230527 27-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / HIMACHAL PRADESH monthly basis cab & taxi hiring services-suv; 1200 km x 208 hours; outstation tenders
4868916230518 18-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Madhya Pradesh all in one pc tenders
1829916230522 22-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Tamil Nadu firewall-ngfw tenders
1732816230529 29-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / delhi support maintenance and upgradation of sas applications for risk aml and tenders
1163616230527 27-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Delhi security manpower service (version 2.0)-office/commercial/institutions/residential tenders
1787916230522 22-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Punjab computer printers tenders
3293216230526 26-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Andhra Pradesh annual maintenance service-desktops, laptops and peripherals-desktops dmps laser printers pass tenders
1638316230523 23-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / KARNATAKA oem/compatible cartridge/consumable tenders
3276016230526 26-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / telangana s1 supply of pac,s2 itc of pac,s2 28mm copper pipe,s2 22mm copper pipe,s2 3x2.5 copper cable,s2 4x tenders
3395616230526 26-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / KARNATAKA computer printers tenders
1165416230527 27-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Gujarat manpower outsourcing services-minimum wage-semi-skilled; it-technical tenders
1638016230523 23-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Karnataka notesheet (azure laid) (version 2) tenders
1896916230516 16-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / PUNJAB primary copper and ofc maintenance tenders
1638216230523 23-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / KARNATAKA computer printers tenders
1628916230523 23-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Orissa fiber media converter,fiber media converter,fiber media converter,fiber optic patch cord tenders
1286116230515 15-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / Uttar pradesh submersible pump set three phase tenders
1672016230531 31-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / tamil nadu smart phone tenders
4834816230518 18-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 India / DELHI ribbon cartridge for lipi line matrix printer,ribbon cartridge for printronix line matrix printer tenders
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