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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
635016211115 15-Nov-2021 25-Nov-2021 India / Madhya Pradesh manpower outsourcing services - minimum wage - highly-skilled; others; highly skilled civil engine tenders
781717211116 16-Nov-2021 25-Nov-2021 India / UTTAR PRADESH multi grain winnower paddy cleaner grain cleaner tenders
766917211116 16-Nov-2021 25-Nov-2021 India / Andhra pradesh cleaning, sanitation and disinfection service - outcome based - office/commercial/institutions/res tenders
184417211103 03-Nov-2021 25-Nov-2021 India / DELHI computerized utm 100 kn with provision for digital extensometer with hydraulic grip tenders
184517211103 03-Nov-2021 25-Nov-2021 India / DELHI computerized utm 2000 kn tenders
184617211103 03-Nov-2021 25-Nov-2021 India / DELHI automatic load cell based rockwell cum superficial rockwell hardness tester tenders
184717211103 03-Nov-2021 25-Nov-2021 India / DELHI automatic digital brinell hardness testing machine tenders
473017211106 08-Nov-2021 24-Nov-2021 India / MAHARASHTRA vicat softening tester tenders
454417211106 08-Nov-2021 24-Nov-2021 India / Jammu & kashmir handling contract at peg bandipora tenders
1123016211111 11-Nov-2021 24-Nov-2021 India / Kerala diaries-printed-plain- register--is 1848,diaries-printed-plain- register--is 1848,diaries-printed- tenders
2107817211117 17-Nov-2021 24-Nov-2021 India / CHANDIGARH appointment of handling and transport contractor (htc) on adhoc basis for a period six months exte corrigendum
472117211106 08-Nov-2021 24-Nov-2021 India / ASSAM mandi labour contract at ppc- takimari tenders
220052211108 08-Nov-2021 24-Nov-2021 India / UTTAR PRADESH supply, installation and commissioning of furniture, flooring, furnishing etc in 3 floors of admini tenders
483717211106 08-Nov-2021 24-Nov-2021 India / ASSAM mandi labour contract at ppc hasdaha tenders
482117211106 08-Nov-2021 24-Nov-2021 India / Assam mandi labour contract at ppc alomganj tenders
473117211106 08-Nov-2021 24-Nov-2021 India / MAHARASHTRA abrasion tester tenders
151317211103 03-Nov-2021 23-Nov-2021 India / Tamil Nadu power press machine tenders
1585617211103 03-Nov-2021 23-Nov-2021 India / CHHATTISGARH rtc kharsia to latehar tenders
112717211103 03-Nov-2021 23-Nov-2021 India / karnataka all cut machine tenders
667916211115 15-Nov-2021 25-Nov-2021 India / Telangana manpower outsourcing services - fixed remuneration - admin; multi-tasking staff; high school tenders
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