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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
4832116230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / delhi 12 volt 7 ah smf battery,12 volt 18 ah smf battery,12 volt 26 ah smf battery,12 volt 42 ah smf bat tenders
4830916230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Delhi phenyl clenzo gainda,liquid handwash,cleaning duster big mop floor,liquid floor cleaner,toilet cle tenders
1446416230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / DELHI treadmill,cross trainer or multiplane mover,stair climber,exercise cycle upright,exercise cycle re tenders
601017230913 13-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Delhi treadmill,exercise cycle upright,exercise cycle recumbent,cross trainer,stair climber,indoor rower tenders
1575416230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Delhi workstation 1200x600,workstation 1500x1500x600,workstation 1500x600,secretary table 2350x2350,back tenders
1283316230914 14-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Delhi treadmill,stair climber,indoor rower,lat pulley or lat pull or lattissimus and posterior deltoid tenders
1306416230914 14-Sep-2023 23-Sep-2023 India / Orissa line interactive ups with avr (v2) tenders
2753052230914 15-Sep-2023 23-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH material – carcass body panel shall be made of (0.6mm/0.8mm) thick of powder coated galvanized stee tenders
450117230913 13-Sep-2023 23-Sep-2023 India / Maharashtra annual maintenance service - desktops, laptops and peripherals - desktop pc; dell hp kbs lenovo tenders
1331316230905 05-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Delhi bldc gear motor w, v dc tenders
4408716230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / DELHI liquid hand wash,toilet paper roll,air freshener,floor duster,room freshener spray,black hit,urina tenders
1412316230914 14-Sep-2023 23-Sep-2023 India / Gujarat innova crysta 2500 km tenders
1394316230914 14-Sep-2023 23-Sep-2023 India / Orissa scanner (v2)* tenders
2286052230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / DELHI strong and sturdy ittf approved 100 mm wheels • no. of wheels, 4 with locks, 4 without •paint - dup tenders
4828916230915 15-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Delhi treadmill,stair climber,indoor rower,cross trainer,exercise cycle recumbent,exercise cycle upright tenders
2270216230918 18-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Delhi repair and overhauling service - scanners; hp; yes; buyer premises tenders
2754052230914 15-Sep-2023 23-Sep-2023 India / UTTAR PRADESH sink unit,blind frame tenders
2324052230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / DELHI snooker table (12’x6’) tenders
618016230916 16-Sep-2023 25-Sep-2023 India / Orissa desktop computers tenders
600817230913 13-Sep-2023 23-Sep-2023 India / DELHI industrial safety gloves - leather and cotton tenders
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