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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1907116230331 31-Mar-2023 10-Apr-2023 3 nb flange type gate valve tenders
1907016230331 31-Mar-2023 20-Apr-2023 rh drum tenders
1906916230331 31-Mar-2023 10-Apr-2023 gel pen (rev) tenders
1906816230331 31-Mar-2023 20-Apr-2023 handling and transportation contract kalanaur rh rohtak tenders
1906716230331 31-Mar-2023 07-Apr-2023 metal part for 17.5 kv, 5000amps bushing tenders
1906616230331 31-Mar-2023 29-Apr-2023 combat shot gun tenders
1906516230331 31-Mar-2023 10-Apr-2023 fire extinguisher,fire extinguisher,fire extinguisher tenders
1906416230331 31-Mar-2023 20-Apr-2023 resuscitation crash cart console for hospitals tenders
1906316230331 31-Mar-2023 10-Apr-2023 steel dustbin (stl dstbn) tenders
1906216230331 31-Mar-2023 19-Apr-2023 led tube light (retrofit type) tenders
1906116230331 31-Mar-2023 20-Apr-2023 supply, installation and commissioning of semi automated nc hydraulic tube bending machine tenders
1906016230331 31-Mar-2023 20-Apr-2023 medical centrifuge tenders
1905916230331 31-Mar-2023 15-Apr-2023 water jel fire blanket size 6 x 5 tenders
1905816230331 31-Mar-2023 10-Apr-2023 dry bamboo size: dia: 40 mm x ht: 2 m average dia: 40(-10+ 5mm approx) taken at top & bottom tenders
1905716230331 31-Mar-2023 20-Apr-2023 sleeve assy tenders
1905616230331 31-Mar-2023 10-Apr-2023 potable water purification system reverse osmosis or uv based tenders
1905516230331 31-Mar-2023 21-Apr-2023 backup and replication software backup or archival software tenders
1905416230331 31-Mar-2023 10-Apr-2023 ess qualified broadband cbs antenna tenders
1905316230331 31-Mar-2023 04-May-2023 environmental chamber tccf high range pressure gw tenders
1905216230331 31-Mar-2023 20-Apr-2023 reduction gear unit with filter tenders

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